Gardening New Year Resolutions | Home And Garden | –

Gardening New Year Resolutions | Home And Garden | –

Question: Every year I promise to do a better job with my yard and garden. How do I do a better job planning for success?

Answer: New Year’s resolutions!! You either hate ‘em, love ‘em or just ignore the entire process. How about making some resolutions about your garden or gardening experience for 2022?

Here are some you might want to try:

If you aren’t gardening, try it! Gardening can reduce stress levels and just let you unwind a little after a busy day. It’s great exercise, too. Even if you have a small apartment, you may have a balcony to grow some vegetables or some bright flowers. If you only have indoors, get a plant or two to share your space.

Plant water-wise. If the last few years haven’t convinced you, then maybe your water bill has. The days of planting huge, thirsty lawns and whatever plants we want are numbered. Try and reduce the area you plant to turf — admittedly, this is hard when you have a vast grassy yard which receives a lot of traffic from kids or dogs. Maybe you can reduce the size?

If you have smaller areas in your yard to convert, there are groundcovers to consider — creeping thyme, some mosses, even white clover in the right place. You will have to research all the alternatives and their positives and negatives and choose the one that’s right for your situation.

An effective way to save water is to group your landscape plants according to their water needs. A lot of water is wasted watering a whole area when it is just one or two plants which need supplemental water.

Name that bug! Not all bugs are bad. In fact, a lot of bugs are good for your garden. Become educated before you spray. There are many ways to control pests which don’t involve reaching for the chemicals. Have a pest problem and wonder how to proceed? Call the Douglas Co Master Gardener hotline: 541-236-3052 (hours vary seasonally).

Plant some new varieties. Every year there are new plants that are introduced. If you have planted the same old tomato varieties since the beginning of time, you may be missing some newer hybrids that address disease or production problems. There are even new heirloom varieties re-discovered and produced.

Shake it up a little! Browse a seed catalogue to get inspired. Three that are northwest specific are Territorial Seeds, Nichols Garden Nursery and Siskiyou Seeds.

Plant for pollinators. Everyone has heard the stories about honeybee populations going down. Help our pollinators by planting flowers they enjoy. An added bonus is you can watch all the activity from the bees, butterflies and birds enjoying your garden.

One place where I always tuck in a few flowers is around the melons and squash in my vegetable garden to keep those pollinators happy.

Join a community garden. Want to plant a vegetable garden but have no room or yard? There are several community gardens available in the Roseburg area. You can have a garden plot and fellow gardeners to learn and share ideas. Check with First United Methodist …….